Additional Services

With its awareness that fire fighting is not a single-sided service, Falckon includes additional services to provide the customized solutions from a single point and aims to enable you to access to all these services from a single point. It aims to ensure your safety 24/7 in 360 directions with additional solutions integrated into fire fighting.

Falckon which works for a single common purpose has adopted to provide support for service receivers and make them feel completely safe as its main objective through the teams from different geographies, cultures and languages and expands its services in all fields in this regard. Falckon companies which set out with the desire to help, aim to cover all the necessary solutions for you.

It gathers different services with crucial importance in terms of your and its employees’ safety and health under a single roof and addresses its fire fighting services through a wide perspective.  In this regard, Falckon provides some additional services within the scope of fire fighting services to get over the alarm situations in the best manner. 

Ambulance Services 

  • First Responder Units
  • “911/112”
  • On-site transportation
  • HEMS
  • Dispatch Centers

Rescue Operations


  • Rescue on the road
  • Road Assistance


  • Storms, floods and other damages
  • Residential alarms
  • Asset registration system
  • First aid and fire extinguisher trainings


  • Patient transport
  • Travel assistance

Medical Clinics

  • On-site clinics
  • Occupational Health Clinics
  • Polyclinics

Global Emergency Intervention Teams

  • Full or Limited Coverage
  • Dispatch Centers

Ambulance Services

Fire fighting is an issue with different aspects and in this sense, life safety priority is the basic principle. Within the framework of fire fighting services by Falckon, it provides on-site ambulance services for your personnel in case of alarm, including health insurance. Advanced life support ambulances equipped with the latest equipment serve for your and employees’ health in cases of emergency. In addition to the ambulances,  Falckon has trained health care teams and doctors available to work 24/7 in the service area.

Protecting the human health which is the most important step in the fire fighting obliges the on-site health services.  Our personnel who has health knowledge have already received the advanced training so that they can perform the first intervention in emergencies to occur in the field. Medical personnel of Falckon have been specially trained in order to make the necessary intervention and to overcome emergencies before the hospital. Our professional personnel who are equipped with continuously updated and reinforced medical training are ready to make the necessary intervention in any case.

Within the framework of ambulance services within the scope of additional services in Fire Fighting:

  • Your employees are protected by on-site health insurance.
  • Advanced life support ambulances are constantly updated with the state-of-art technology.
  • Ambulance services are supported by on-site trained medical teams.
  • Falckon staff are specially trained to perform the necessary intervention in the pre-hospital setting.

Tıp klinikleri

Another additional service which is of great importance within the scope of fire fighting services is medical clinics.  Medical clinics which are the part of Falckon operation are specifically structured to provide your employees with health services and emergency medical intervention related to their profession by means of the clinics in your facilities. The concept of medical clinics has been created based on the unique risks of each industry. Medical clinics are a part of the care and responsibility that firms attach for their personnel.  Each clinic is designed exclusively for the facilities.  In this way, it is aimed to overcome sector-specific problems easily.

  • Facility-specific structures
  • On-site occupational health services
  • Equipment and staff for 24-hour continuous service

Global emergency
intervention teams

With the main theme of its mission which is to help people, Falckon continues to work widely in many different geographies across the world. Falckon continues to work with competent special teams in order to respond to emergencies across  the world and to protect and save human life. Our global emergency response teams are ready along with the mission of “helping people” in many different areas.

Global emergency response teams are ready to go to any point in the world in 24 hours within the scope of social responsibility.

Online Training continues in each corner of Turkey!

Falckon Private fire services provide industrial fire services in different sectors across the world.