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Our Human Resources Policy

Our main goal is to provide the continuity of our nature as a reliable, ethic, open-to-changes, entrepreneurial, innovative, setting goals and working in high tempo to achieve them, open to collaboration and happy to work for people.

Our Human Resources Vision

Our vision is to conduct the recruitment of qualified labor force in compliance with our corporate goals and strategies, to increase the productivity and happiness of our employees.

Through this understanding, Falckon has adopted to create a reasonable business environment where employees can reveal their energy and creativity and to have highly motivated and loyal employees as its principle.

Falckon has adopted to train its own staff and move them to executive positions as its principle.

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Our Career Opportunities

Vacant positions within our company are firstly filled from internal resources. The principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions is adopted while creating recruitment policies. Promotion brings authority and responsibilities. It is essential to have the knowledge and experience required by the job description in order to move to a higher position. The most important criterion in promotion is the performance.

The General Conditions to be Owned by the Candidates:

  • To have the educational background, work experience and basic competencies required by the position,
  • To be older than 18,
  • Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • For male candidates, to have completed or postponed military service for at least 2 years

Our Training Activities

As Falckon that has been investing in people and information since the first day of its operation in order to proceed in the institutionalization path, our main training policy is to contribute to the professional and personal development of our employees who have adopted continuous learning as a life philosophy and to provide equal opportunities to employees… Our education budget figures, which increase every year by multiplying itself is a concrete indicator of our policy… We aim to ensure that our employees develop behavioral patterns suitable for the corporate culture, help them fulfill their duties in the best way and increase their professional competencies, and improve their management skills when creating our training plans.

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