Fire Fighting Services

As Falckon, we work with professional teams and equipment in cooperation with you for all the sectors and especially those included in the high fire risk group and we develop an integrated approach to configure the fire fire fighting services that are customized for your facility in the best way within the scope of the fire fighting services.

We develop customized projects and configurations for your sector and facilities, create prospective solutions for your fire fighting related problems and we present an updated and developed fire fighting program to ensure that you get over the crisis moments with the minimum damage. Experiencing fire fighting services effectively will enable you to minimize the risks for your firm and to develop the most appropriate optimization under the legal regulations and minimize your material and non-material loss.

Why Are Fire Fighting Services So Important?

  • Experiencing fire fighting services enables companies to take security measures that cover a wide range of today, but to secure the future in each aspect.

When you receive fire fighting services, your firm is secured with the most updated team and equipment while being lead by professional and experienced teams in case of fire fighting and emergencies. In this way

  • Your firm
  • Will have the safest structure in terms of risk factors through customized analyses,
  • Be optimized with fire fighting system to fight in the fastest way in possible alarm cases,
  • Be covered in terms of life and property safety.

How Do Fire Fighting Services Function?

Falckon which has the leading position in the whole world in terms of fire fighting services provides services with its developing and growing structure every day through Fire Services and Industrial fire services.

      • accessible
      • competent
      • effective
      • fast
      • reliable
      • helpful


We carry out a tailor made study for you in order to ensure safety in your facilities and to minimize your material and moral losses within the scope of fire fighting services. In this regard, we enable you to solve the problems regarding the compliance with the legal regulation in a fast, safe and the most appropriate way together with our experts. Our teams who are experienced in compliance with the legal regulations carry out a dedicated study for you and your facilities and support you in fulfilling the necessary conditions in the most effective and appropriate way.

We configure your fire protection system. For sectors with high risk, working with professional fire expert teams significantly reduces the losses to occur. As Falckon Fire Fighting Services, we create a customized fire fighting approach for your facilities and support you when configuring. The installation of the fire system in compliance with your facility is of the most important step in terms of the efficient operation of the system, the most cost-effective and correct installation and the elimination of possible future dangers. We configure your future together with you.

Periodic maintenance and control of your fire fighting systems are also provided within the scope of Falckon fire fighting services. A malfunctioning fire fighting system puts the life and property safety of you and your employees at risk and cause many problems that might bring various problems for the prestige of your firm. Therefore, Falckon carries out regular controls within the fire fighting services and enables your system to function in the most correct way in case of any possible risks.

Against any fire and explosion that might occur despite of all the required measures, Falckon Fire Fighting Teams support you. Falckon teams keep your facilities under protection 24/7. In possible alarm situations, our firefighters positioned in your facilities quickly launch the fire intervention and extinguishing works during time that might pass until the public fire brigade arrives. Controlling the fire swiftly, the safe extinguishment without it spreading, launching the cooling operations, rescue operations and first aid when necessary are also provided within the scope of Falckon fire fighting services.

Additionally, Falckon fire fighting services provide fire training and fire consultancy for the safety of you and your employees and ensures the correct management of the panic and chaos environment that may arise in possible crises and creates the correct awareness on firefighting.

Advantages of Integrated and Customized Solutions

Get a single integrated point of contact for fire fighting. Thanks to flexible and customized solutions for your needs, it works from a single point for all firefighting issues and reduces your need for external resources and provides a proactive approach to fire fighting. You can meet all your needs regarding fire prevention, protection, fire training, fire consultancy, medical services and fire fighting by means of Falckon Fire-fighting services and reduce the number of external resources that you are using in this regard.

We aim to provide a flexible and integrated service based on transparency in the solutions we specially prepare for you and offer a seamless and complete perspective that is in compliance with local, national and international legislation on a sectoral basis and integrated with official control structures. We produce customized solutions for your facilities and spare time for you to carry out the best analyses to comprehend you and your needs, which enables us to configure our long-term partnerships on trust basis.

Falckon firefighting services enables your needs to be solved from a single reliable source with its professional team and equipment.

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