Nucleer Fire Fighting Services

Taking place among the indispensable energy sources and work fields of modern era, nuclear energy production is one of the sectors with high and critical risk group. Nuclear power generation plants require the highest level of precision. It is of great significance to provide configurations in order to minimize environmental damages as well as protecting critical infrastructures in nuclear fire fighting.

Emergency measures for highly critical issues such as nuclear require an extremely detailed and carefully prepared operational service approach. Falckon is a leading multi-national service provider  in nuclear fire fighting. It performs its operations for many years in order to protect the safety of life and property in the world’s leading nuclear power plants, to combat nuclear fires and to minimize the risks that may arise in many countries. We are a reliable partner to support you in protecting long-term investments in nuclear fire fighting services and against any alarm that may arise in the power plants with priority of human safety.

The priority in nuclear power plants and all of the other enegy generation plants, which are of great importance in terms of environmental life safety and large-scale investments as well as the safety of employees and included in the high risk group, should be the safety and reliability in all senses.

Nuclear Fire Fighting Systems

Especially with the growth in the nuclear energy industry which has experienced a fast development for the last 10 years and has been used frequently, it has gained a new face in national and international security policies and risk management. Nuclear fire fighting systems have enabled risk management and security practices to be reviewed and developed and nuclear energy to be used in a safer way. Falckon fire fighting services which have a deep-rooted past in its specialty area continues its research and development studies to ensure that nuclear power plants are protected with the state-of-art technology within the framework of internationally accepted security practices.

Nuclear fire case is a special field of study requiring to be studied with precision and a comprehensive configuration in all areas of the facilities. Ensuring reliability in combating nuclear fire is of vital importance for national and international platforms and the public. Falckon fire fighting services that is well aware of the importance of its services is a reliable business partner for nuclear operators to be configured the most comprehensive way against fire, as it has been in many facilities in the field of nuclear fire for years.

Thanks to Falckon Fire Fighting Services, your facilities undergo analysis and studies of expert and professional fire engineers and framed with high level, first class fire fighting systems. Falckon which will be your long-term partner works to minimize risk factors and to prevent possible disaster risks before emergency cases.

You will have a safe and secure structure, literally for you and your facilities with service packages that will be prepared specifically for the structure of your nuclear energy generating facilities and thus, you guarantee the continuity of your services in a healthy and reliable way.

Fire fighting services provided for nuclear and other power plants

The scenarios of all fire-possibility related combinations are processed one by one by fire engineers and comprehensive protection systems are built in order to protect your nuclear facilities in the most accurate way against fire, protecting all technological infrastructure.

  • It is ensured that all systems and products to be used in the fight against nuclear fire comply with the conditions accepted by the nuclear authority.
  • All required areas of the facilities (from service passage seals to doors) are structured in the most accurate way considering the air and water tightness, natural disasters such as earthquakes within the scope of nuclear fire fighting services.
  • Fire protection products and resistance performance of fire systems are structured and defined on-site within international standards within the scope of nuclear fire fighting.
  • Periodic maintenance of the systems is carried out without interruption in the structure that develops with a long-term business partnership and the products are enabled to work as expected in case of emergencies all the time.
  • Fire modeling combinations are formed by creating risk analyzes specifically for facilities.
  • The most reasonable fire prevention solutions to enable the nuclear safety level to function in the best way in case of alarm and emergency are created thanks to the foreseen calculations.

Other services provided within the scope of nuclear fire fighting

Consultancy services are also provided within the scope of Falckon nuclear fire fighting services. Scenario-based risk assessments are made and comprehensive reports on the current situation are prepared. The result modeling is realized based on the fire and explosion scenarios to arise and the infrastructure is reviewed in terms of fire safety. Within the scope of fire training and consultancy services, response planning, task and authorization, and awareness raising activities against emergencies are provided.

Measures to be taken in terms of optimization of disaster management and ensuring business continuity are reported and support is provided to the facilities in terms of application.

Nuclear fire fighting systems are a highly sensitive issue requiring to conduct a comprehensive and complicated study and long-term work and to have a reliable business partnership. With its more than 100 years of fire fighting experience, Falckon is also the most reliable business partner for your facilities in nuclear fire fighting.

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