Other Sectors

Falckon Private Fire Fighting Services establishes fire protection systems and creates special solutions for your company with its extensive knowledge in many sectors with its professional team and expert personnel. We develop different and subjective firefighting services for each industry by means of scenario-based detailed evaluations and analyzes.

Falckon Fire fighting services examines the needs of each sector within its own field and ensures the most efficient fire protection system to be configured at the most affordable cost.

As Falckon which is well aware that each industry has its own needs, we produce separate solutions for each sector according to field work, risk-based detailed fire scenarios and fire analysis results. We optimize all of your needs from a single point and realize with you. 

We provide reliable and effective fire fighting services to ensure the sustainability of your facilities against fire and protection against damages through our understanding of ensuring your life and property safety, not interrupting your business continuity, fast and professional intervention in emergencies.

Falckon Fire Fighting Services in Other Industries

Falckon fire fighting services supports you in terms of all measures to be taken against fire through its professional teams and equipment.

In this regard,

  • To structure your facilities based on the fire protection curriculum and to create the necessary procedures
  • To conduct risk assessments developed with fire scenarios
  • To realize diversified fire models for possible emergencies
  • To conduct in-field analysis
  • To configure fire systems and necessary maintenance
  • To provide fast response with professional fire brigade teams on site
  • To plan emergency situations
  • To take the necessary measures in advance for business sustainability
  • To provide fire training and drills for employees
  • To provide fire consultancy for all other matters
  • To establish gas detection systems
  • To deploy response and rescue teams
  • To provide ambulance services within the scope of other services

etc. Falckon Fire Fighting Services constructs a reliable and safe future for your facility with its customized solutions.

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Falckon Private fire services provide industrial fire services in different sectors across the world.