Fire Fighting Management

Firefighting is a complex issue of which processes have multiple pillars with different tasks. Different operations ranging from awareness stage to the structuring of protection systems, from emergency planning to emergency fire intervention works and ambulance and rescue activities when necessary constitute the integral part of the fire fighting. Team management is of crucial importance in such a complex structure and fire fighting.

All required systems should be coordinated from a single point in the most accurate way and independent and precise decisions can be made when necessary.

Basic Requirements in Fire Fighting

It is a common necessity to be informed about the fire; however, when it comes to industries, facilities and factories in high risk class, several basic obligations exists to provide the safety of life and property. When you decide to receive fire fighting services, you will need 3 basic things:

  • Compliance with Legislation and Regulations
  • Minimizing Downtime
  • A solid fire fighting system

Compliance with Legislation and Regulations

Legislation and regulations are important principles which enable us to structure the minimum system required for the possible risks. It is necessary to carry out the studies stipulated by the legislation for our field of work because of our legal liabilities and responsibilities.

Falckon Fire Fighting Services are there for you with our deep-rooted experience and knowledge in international standards as well as the local legislative requirements in many industries from automotive to airports, gas or petrochemicals to nuclear. Getting the most accurate consultancy service from the professional perspective on the legislation and regulations enables you to configure the system required for the regulation in the most accurate, cost-friendly and with the highest performance and prevents you from overlooking the updates and details of your industry that might be necessary for fire protection.
Each industry has its own specific features. You will both increase your work safety and reduce your costs by working with professionals who will not overlook these details in regulations and legislation.

Güçlü Bir Yangın Müdahale Sistemi:

  • Tesislerinizde güçlü bir yangına müdahale sisteminin oluşturulması, olası alarm durumlarının hızlı bir şekilde bertaraf edilmesinin en iyi yöntemidir. Yangın müdahale sistemlerinin oluşturulması, tesislerinizin yapısına göre özelleştirilmiş şekilde yapılandırılması yangınla mücadelenin temel ayağının oluşturmaktadır. Güçlü bir yangın müdahale sistemi kurduğunuzda, can ve mal güvenliğinizi kontrol altına almanın yanı sıra iş kesintisi ve maddi kayıplarından önüne geçmiş olursunuz. 

    Yangına müdahale sisteminin doğru bir şekilde yapılandırılması ancak ve ancak işin uzmanı profesyonel bir ekip ile mümkündür. Aksi durumlarda, tesislerinizde doğru analiz ve tetkiler yapılmadan yapılandırılmaya çalışılan yanlış yangın sistemleri maddi anlamda sizi zora sokarken, etkili bir yangın müdahalesi sağlayamayabilir. 

Minimizing Downtime:

The next step following occupational safety for the firms which work over time to produce and train orders for customers and gain significant numbers every minute is to avoid downtime. It is aimed to downtime by means of a well-structured fire fighting system and a fire extinguishing and emergency plan for alarm situations.

It is required for fire modeling and analysis results to be well-structured and planned when configuring the fire fighting systems in order to prevent fire from breaking out, to initiate intervention works in the fastest way in possible fire situations as well as to minimize downtime.

Principles of Fire Fighting Management

Management in fire fighting, making correct evaluations are based on several principles such as ability to coordinate and control the operation from a single point and set up all other services quickly.

Single Contact Point

You will have different needs in many different aspects in fire fighting. Falckon offers its customers systems created with the principle of one-stop solution to all needs with the awareness that one of the most basic principles of firefighting management is contact from a single point in order to make a much faster response to fire fighting and to handle all your needs in fire fighting from a single point. In this way, Falckon allows you to meet all your needs from a single point, from the fire brigade to the ambulance, from the rescue team to the consultant or fire training and medical clinics and provides a long-lasting and effective partnership for its customers in terms of fire fighting systems.


Each industry has its own production structure and rules and establishment order.  Fire fighting systems which will be established for each facility should be specially prepared in accordance with the structure of that facility, size and subject in this environment. So,  another basic principle of firefighting management is the evaluation.  Reports supported by on-site analyzes and fire scenarios are prepared in the presence of fire engineers and consultants and firefighting systems are configured after the evaluations created specifically for you before establishing and structuring the fire fighting systems.

The evaluation to be carried out before creating Fire Fighting Systems should include the following factors:

  • An up-to-date and effective safety process
  • Alarm condition procedures
  • Emergency plans
  • Fire prevention systems selection
  • Fire prevention vehicles and mobile team/equipment
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Technical knowledge and skills of the staff

Control of Fire Operations

The point on which Falckon emphasizes sensitively in firefighting is the control of fire operations. Within the scope of fire fighting services, it enables you to control the fire fighting operations when it is the time in the most reasonable manner by providing you with a wide range of regulations covering firefighters, vehicles, fire crew and equipment, facilities systems and work procedures.

High quality and fast fire response is only possible when the fire operation control is very robust. It is possible to control fire operations well with a good team and experience. 

Fire Prevention Services

  • Fire risk assessment
  • Explosion risk assessments
  • Modelings
  • Fire awareness trainings and exercises
  • Fire watch
  • Checking hot work permits
  • Fire prevention inspection and patrol system
  • Performing various procedures

Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Smoke detection sensors
  • Toxic gas and flammable substance detection systems and sensors
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • Maintenance and repair of fire protection systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • CO2, dry chemical and foam based fire suppression systems
  • Maintenance and repair for Sprinkler system
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Emergency mass warning systems
  • Firefighting team and equipment
  • Fire protection and breathing apparatus
  • Portable fire extinguishers

Other services

  • Maintenance for production systems and other processes
  • Ambulance and on-site health services
  • Medical clinics
  • Air sea rescue
  • Search and rescue
  • Snow removal / De-icing
  • Fire training

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