Efficient Operations

Falckon Fire Fighting Services has been providing fire-fighting services for different firms across the world with high-quality and innovative solutions for many years. Working with products, professional team and equipment  meeting the international standards, Falckon is well aware of the significance of conducting efficient operation in terms of fire protection and safety. Know-how, professionalism and reliability should be prioritized to ensure that the most accurate operation is performed in addition to high capacity modern fire protection solutions within the scope of fire fighting.

Management of firefighting units by experienced and expert teams increases the efficiency of operation results and minimizes loss of life and property. Using the operation schemes determined by international standards in fire fighting is of high importance to get fast and effective results.

Efficiency in Fire Fighting

Quick and effective judgment of the situation for operational efficiency in firefighting is only possible with the effective use of control, coordination and communication. It is possible to carry out an efficient operation in fire and alarm situations requiring the most effective response in a short time with professional teams. Fire extinguishing, containment and cooling operations should proceed in coordination and parallel when necessary by prioritizing saving life in fire cases like the other emergencies.

For effective fire fighting operations, as Falckon;

  • We attach great importance to providing services for fire fighting at national standards, and thus, we structure our management system according to a number of requirements. Falckon fire fighting services are prepared and approved in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
  • Falckon which has a global-scaled working system for fire fighting develops its operations and practices across the world by gathering them at a single point in terms of efficiency results thanks to its global knowledge center.
  • Falckon’s online operation system structure ensures that data and technical instructions received from every corner of the world are accessible to all customers and aims to ensure that all fire fighting actions have standard and perfect structure.

Online Training continues in each corner of Turkey!

Falckon Private fire services provide industrial fire services in different sectors across the world.