Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is in need of extensive resources and a complex facility, especially in terms of production process, equipment and personnel. It is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities  in terms of the curriculum and take the best safety measures for the continuance of business sustainability and safety in facilities under continues production. Falckon fire fighting services are at your service with its professional and experienced teams in the field of automotive industry.

It is indispensable for your facilities to to provide the configuration and maintenance of fire protection systems in the best way and to deploy the professional fire fighting teams to provide the best intervention when necessary in order to minimize the loss of life and property and to ensure your business sustainability. Falckon firefighting teams, fire engineers and staff have extensive experience and knowledge on automotive industry and your facilities to which it provides service. Multinational and large automotive companies thar are among our customers range prefer our company for firefighting services.

Fire Fighting in
Automotive Industry

It is a well-known fact that business partners who have extensive knowledge of your production process should be preferred  to have the best service you need in your automotive production facilities. It is necessary to have knowledge on a sectoral basis in order to analyze sensitive and comprehensive business processes in the best way and to create the most appropriate and accurate services against fire in automotive industry. Falckon which is well aware that each industry requires a subjective service analyzes the special needs of facilities in the best manner and customizes the service provided with comprehensive fire scenarios in fire fighting

We support you with our experience of more than a hundred years, by planning your fire fighting needs efficiently and accurately in enabling your facility to become safer. As a long-term and reliable business partner, we structure the fire fighting needs of your facilities in the best manner. We guarantee reliable and safe service specific to your facilities in the automotive sector through our customized service approach.

Fire Fighting Services in Automotive Industry

Falckon Fire-fighting services support you in automotive industry with its special need packages. 


  • To ensure the compliance with the current fire curriculum and perform the necessary procedures without tiring you,
  • To perform scenario-based risk assessments
  • To realize diversified result modeling in terms of explosion and fire
  • To create field work and analysis,
  • To establish the most efficient system suitable for your facilities and to conduct the necessary maintenance afterwards,
  • To structure the emergency response planning
  • To determine the measures to be taken in order to provide business sustainability in case of possible emergencies
  • To provide fire-trainings
  • To provide fire consultancy

and thus we strive to make your facilities safer.

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