Private Fire Fighting Services

The fire fighting services performed successfully under the public service in general in Turkey is of greater importance when it comes to risk groups such as high-risk industrial facilities, airport petrochemicals, oil, steel, nuclear energy, gas or automotive sectors. The importance of private fire services has been brought to the agenda in terms of taking the fire-related measures in the facilities within the risk group beforehand, performing necessary controls  in advance by a professional team, having complete infrastructure works to minimize the possible risks and having the team that will respond to a possible fire as soon as available in the location; and private fire fighting services have been started to be implemented for high risk industrial fields in Turkey successfully in addition to the public fire department used by developed countries for years.

The Importance of Working with Private Fire Fighting Services

Private Fire Fighting Services determines the primary goal of minimizing material and moral losses and major risks and works to eliminate the risks that may arise in advance in order to primarily function in large facilities in the most favorable conditions in terms of life and property safety. This is the point where private fire fighting services differentiates from public fire fighting services. “Measure” is the priority for private fire fighting services.

Unlike public fire fighting services, private fire fighting services conduct a professional pre-operation in order to minimize the fire possibility at the facilities with high scale risk and be ready in the area nearest to the risky area in order to eliminate the possibility of fire growing in addition to providing the necessary pre-operation for eliminating the situations to bear fire possibility.

Private Fire Fighting Services and Working Style

Private fire fighting services are of great importance to minimize the possibility of fire in airports, petrochemicals, steel, nuclear, other industrial facilities and factories and to provide the fastest response without risking the safety of life and property in case of a possible fire.

Private fire fighting services firstly provides the structuring of precautions tailored to the content and capacity of the facilities with the engineering and experienced fire fighting personnel. It works in cooperation with the facilities for 24 hours in order to ensure that the necessary fire fighting solutions are planned specifically for facility structures, to create a customized fire fighting and measure configuration, and to increase preventive and protective safety in facilities

How Do Private Fire Fighting Services Work?

  • Risk mapping based on the content and capacity of the facilities
    Restructuring of facilities based on the risk map
    Taking preventive and protective measures
    Positioning of special fire brigade teams from the nearest and most suitable location that will not prevent the general functioning of the facility in case of a possible risk.
    Taking necessary precautions against possible fire possibilities
    Raising the awareness of facility employees
    Training facility employees and preparing a “red alert” plan when necessary
    First and emergency response to be realized until the public fire department arrives at the scene in case of explosion, fire or leakage.

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