Fire Fighting Services in Steel Industry

Fire fighting, fire protection and precautions are of great importance in the steel industry like they are in the other industries. In addition to the life and property loss that might arise in case of a possible alarm and fire situations, it results in serious losses which are deemed to be in the background such as low performance, loss of reliability, loss of brand strength, decreased efficiency and business downtime.

Falckon teams have the experience and knowledge on the complex production environment with high risk in steel industry. We are working to enable you to continue your production in a safe environment by providing all your needs within the scope of fire fighting from a single point in the steel industry. We review the risk scenarios that may arise in the steel industry one by one and configure the most reliable system for your facilities and protect your facilities against possible alarm situations with maximum security, international standards and minimum cost through our combined modeling for fire explosion and its consequences thanks to the years of international experience with our fire consultants, fire engineers, fire brigades, fire equipment, fire systems and equipment.

Falckon offers a long-term, reliable business partnership which is capable to understand all your safety requirements in the process of steel production with its expert knowledge and experience in fire fighting and fire protection in steel industry as well.

We develop customized services for your steel production facilities and provide more than what you need.

Fire Fighting Services in
Steel Industry

In the configuration of fire fighting services in steel industry,  

  • To examine steel production processes and analysis in detail and to perform structural control in facilities by planning and evaluations specific to the production facility structures,
  • To configure the required system thanks to the fire scenarios,
  • To control the compliance with the legislation and to complete the deficiencies where necessary
  • To provide the maintenance and repair of fire protection systems
  • To deploy the special fire brigades at the facilities
    To realize emergency planning
  • To provide fire consultancy
  • To provide fire-trainings


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