We are well aware of the importance of our fire fighting teams and professional personnel in addition to the infrastructure and systems to be established for fire fighting.  In this context, as Falckon Private Fire Fighting Services, we attach exclusive care and interest for our employees.  Fire fighting is a field where labor is of a priority as well as unity and experience where human labor is of intense. In addition to the interest and care it has attached for its employees working for it, Falckon has adopted some particular factors in recruitments as its mission.

Falckon’s perspective on its personnel is the main reason behind the fact that it always recruits skilled and highly motivated employees. We have adopted several policies as our main mission to enable our personnel to be well adapted to the fire fighting processes which proceed through the human labor.

  • Trainings in compliance with sectoral standards and with international equivalence
  • Support for personal development
  • Opportunity areas suitable for practical experience

We provide the possible best service with the awareness that prioritizing their satisfaction, creating comfortable and most suitable conditions for our professionals are of significance for our success after you and our employees in order to be a company that provides the best conditions for our employees, who take the main task of protecting you in firefighting, to keep employees who love and care about their job, to be a company that provides them with the best conditions, to employ long-term employees in such a matter where unity, solidarity and cooperation are very important, and make them work with us for many years.

As a part of our family that provides industrial fire services which are of international importance in their field of work, our employees working in Falckon team has opportunity to access to modern fire fighting trainings, techniques and equipment, uniforms and equipment, access to international knowledge, practice and training on fire fighting, and the opportunity to work in a company that is aware of employee satisfaction. An employee who is a member of Falckon family has the opportunity to work in different countries or different areas of Falckon companies around the world.

Online Training continues in each corner of Turkey!

Falckon Private fire services provide industrial fire services in different sectors across the world.