Fire Training

One of the cornerstones of fire fighting is fire fighting training and awareness. Falckon has been training emergency response teams in many different sectors for more than 20 years within the scope of firefighting services, providing awareness training on fire and fire training to emergency response teams in the public and industrial sectors and training professional fire fighters through its training programs.

Falckon fire trainings appeal to many different purposes and groups and might be at different competence levels.  In addition to raising professional fire fighters, fire fighting training specific to institutions, specialized fire training and awareness courses area among the priorities of Falckon regarding fire fighting.

We are aware of the significance of training on fire at each level varying from basic to professional. It is known that specialialized trainings for different sectors save lives in many emergencies in addition that basic fire training is vital in alarm situations.

Fire Training in International Standards

Falckon can provide different level trainings to employees and emergency response teams separately to create the ideal security environment by analyzing different needs specific to each facility. In this way, it is aimed to eliminate the chaos environment that may arise in an emergency and to ensure that the safety of life and property is set in the fastest way possible.

You will take a significant step in the safety of your company and your employees within the high risk group such as petrochemicals, nuclear facilities, steel, gas, airports and automotive thanks to our fire fighting trainings developed every day with international standards and data. Thanks to fire fighting trainings, awareness of your employees will raise and it will be ensured that your emergency response teams develop and update their competencies.

  • Falckon has great range of experience in fire training.
  • Thousands of firefighters across the world come to Falckon fire training center to improve themselves.
  • Falckon organizes different levels of training based on the needs of each facility.
  • It is possible for your emergency personnel in your facilities to develop and specify their skills by the fire fighting trainings.

Significance of Fire Fighting Training

The development of awareness about fire is of crucial importance for each individual; however, this significance starts to have a vital value if the risk factors increase. Fire fighting training is a minor-scaled but very important step for the safety of you and your employees. By the years-long experiences, Falckon has seen that alarm situations can be eliminated much faster in areas where there are groups with a high level of awareness about fire.

It has two different dimensions.

Avoiding the Chaos Environment:  Emergencies and fire can cause fear and panic, so in some cases, it may cause loss of life independent of fire caused by the chaos environment. Chaos environment causes emergence of different risks independent of fire in alarm situations and slows down the rate at which the fire is extinguished and controlled.

Increasing the Speed ​​of the Response: Another dimension of fire fighting training is that they allow professional teams to do their job much faster. Groups that are well aware about how to behave in a fire environment and then how to get the people around them in a safe area allow emergency response teams to do their jobs much faster and more comfortably in addition to guaranteeing their own life safety.  In this way, it is ensured that emergency planning is implemented in the most accurate way, the fire is controlled in a much shorter time and all possible risk factors are eliminated faster.

Advantages of Fire Training

Fire training is necessary for everyone and of particular significance for facilities with high risk factors. Falckon provides many different advantages by fire fighting trainings that can be customized for different sectors, needs and people. Fire training can be vital, especially if you are in a high-risk industry.

  • Thanks to fire fighting training, the chaos environment is eliminated
  • Faster and more comfortable response to fire
  • Loss of life and property is minimized.
  • Business continuity is ensured.
  • Implementation of emergency planning becomes easier.
  • The reputation of your company is maintained

Public and private sector training methods

Falckon provides different levels of fire training to various sectors and individuals for more than 20 years. Falckon safety and fire fighting training has been prepared based on 4 different levels in alarm situations. These levels are tailored to your industry and your needs and individual skills are assessed and reinforced when necessary with additional training in order to to ensure that your staff receive different levels of training, self-development and professionalization.

Training Quality

Developing and updating its 20 years of experience every day thanks to the global knowledge center, Falckon  has the qualifications to meet professional needs for many different sectors in fire fighting training. It is carried out in compliance with the guidelines of leading organizations at international standards in order to improve the awareness on fire fighting.

  • Falckon fire fighting training is organized in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines.
  • Falckon is a member of the leading global associations that enable the creation and improvement of our fire fighting trainings.
  • Compliance with the requirements of different countries and geographies
  • Fire fighting training in compliance with JOIFF, ICAO and NFPA standards

Online Training continues in each corner of Turkey!

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