Fire Consultation

Having served in different locations across the world for more than 100 years, Falckon might be defined as fire and explosion risk management and fire engineering expert. We gather our fire expertise,that we provide practically in the field and theoretically in the trainings, at the coordination center through the information received from across the world; and thus, analyze and constantly update ourselves. We share this knowledge and experience that we have on fire with our customers as “fire fighting services”, “fire training” and “fire consultancy”.

We set collaboration for the measures to be taken against fire by dividing them into solutions specific to your facilities and production centers through fire consultation. We provide consultancy to many sectors on what needs to be done in firefighting especially for high risk sectors such as refineries, storage tank areas, chemical production facilities, airports, terminal, etc. through fire and fire protection consultancy.

Fire Risk Management Style

Having fought against fire across the world for many years, Falckon provides awareness and fire protection on preventive fire services by sharing its experiences in fire risk management with its customers under the name of fire consultancy.

Experienced fire consultants of Falckon work in different projects in more than 70 countries.

Fire risk management consists of 4 basic principles that follow each other.

To plan

  • Scenario based risk assessment
  • Scenario analysis
  • Fire and explosion result modeling
    -Process safety planning
  • Emergency response planning
  • Deployment plans
  • Attack plans
  • Disaster management plans
  • Business continuity planning and crisis management
  • Fire engineering
  • Design and technical specifications of fire and gas detection and protection systems
  • Firefighting team sizing
  • Design of fire fighting training facilities


  • Management and studies of firefighting team
  • Service provision and development


  • National and European standards on fire suppression systems
  • Fire hazard management and safety standards on industries and companies
  • Fire types research and testing, fire modeling and fire systems studies
  • Workshops and seminars

Take Action

  • Tests and examination of fire protection systems
  • Fire Systems Integrity Assurance (FSIA)
  • Emergency response exercises management and evaluation
  • Competence assessment and training
  • Audits
  • Incident investigation and reporting

You can request our fire and explosion risk consultancy service for many reasons, including the following ones.

  • New facility construction
    -Insurer guidelines (asset protection and BI)
  • Change in rules or standards as a response to internal security audit
  • Industrial process transformation within the facility
  • Change of owner or operator (in cases where documentation is missing)
  • Evidence that the facility is in compliance with the international safety standards to be submitted to official authorities
  • Legal requirement regarding operations
  • Management measure

Online Training continues in each corner of Turkey!

Falckon Private fire services provide industrial fire services in different sectors across the world.