Other Sectors

Falckon Private Fire Fighting Services establishes fire protection systems and creates special solutions for your company with its extensive knowledge in many sectors with its professional team and expert personnel. We develop different and subjective firefighting services for Continue reading

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is in need of extensive resources and a complex facility, especially in terms of production process, equipment and personnel. It is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities  in terms of the curriculum and take the Continue reading

Fire Fighting Services in Steel Industry

Fire fighting, fire protection and precautions are of great importance in the steel industry like they are in the other industries. In addition to the life and property loss that might arise in case Continue reading

Petrochemical Fire Fighting

Falckon which has an extensive experience in the world’s leading petrochemical, oil and gas industries is a reliable and strong partner in crisis management of your facilities. With its expertise and the most advanced resources required to Continue reading

Nucleer Fire Fighting Services

Taking place among the indispensable energy sources and work fields of modern era, nuclear energy production is one of the sectors with high and critical risk group. Nuclear power generation plants require the highest level of Continue reading

Airport Fire Fighting Services

Falckon provides services in the largest and busiest airports in different countries across the world and in commercial and military sectors in terms of airport fire services which require high-level protection, are intense in terms of Continue reading

Fire Consultation

Having served in different locations across the world for more than 100 years, Falckon might be defined as fire and explosion risk management and fire engineering expert. We gather our fire expertise,that we provide practically in the field Continue reading

Efficient Operations

Falckon Fire Fighting Services has been providing fire-fighting services for different firms across the world with high-quality and innovative solutions for many years. Working with products, professional team and equipment  meeting the international standards, Falckon is well Continue reading

Fire Training

One of the cornerstones of fire fighting is fire fighting training and awareness. Falckon has been training emergency response teams in many different sectors for more than 20 years within the scope of firefighting services, providing awareness training Continue reading

Fire Fighting Management

Firefighting is a complex issue of which processes have multiple pillars with different tasks. Different operations ranging from awareness stage to the structuring of protection systems, from emergency planning to emergency fire intervention works and ambulance and Continue reading